Our Mission

Manufacture and distribute quality parts and components in the most efficient and economical methods available. Provide service and commitment that is world class. Giving our customer the opportunity to be the very best.


  • Our Manufacturing facility employs leading-edge production technology

  • Accurate and efficient production is achieved via utilization of the latest technology in high-speed precision cutting. This allows  us to provide our customers with extremely competitive pricing.

  • Maximum CNC milling travel capabilities are 20″X21″X50″ and maximum CNC lathe swings are 18 inches.

  • Detailed and cocise manufacturing procedures yield world-class performance

  • Our commitment to quality is unparalleled; our equipment includes a Coordinate Measuring Machine (C.M.M.) with accuracies of 0.00007″ and repeatability down to 0.00005″

  • All products have complete trace-ability from the foundry as raw material to individual product deliveries at our customer’s locations.

  • Stringent quality standards are enforced throughout all manufacturing processes to ensure exacting specifications compliance for our customers.

Industries Served




Oil & Gas